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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Virtual Makeover

Makeover By Topshop

Topshop! A place of really beauty. Expensive beauty mind, but beauty none the less. That shop makes me want to spend hundreds of pounds whenever I go in. Hundreds of pounds that i do not have may I add, so sadly but surely I have to resort to the good, old trusty primark to get my retail fix. ;-)

However I did find this bad boy online and it is great fun.

It allows you to make yourself over into a wonderful and lovely TOPSHOP Model. Sounds terrible? and overly digital? Well it isn't, it is actually very impressive, very impressive indeed. You should try it out and when you do, share you pictures. Get them up on here and let me guess if it is the tribal look you have gone for or the grunge effect. ;-)

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