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Friday, 15 July 2011

Wolverhampton Magazine

Wolverhampton's Magazine
(Did not know what they let themselves in for ...)

Here in Wolverhampton we have a magazine called ... Yes! You guessed it .. "The Wolverhampton Magazine." But, unfortunately unless you live up the Posh end of the city (If you can say the city has a posh end) then you don't receive this glossy book of Wolverhamptoness.

Sorry look at me blabbing on ... What I am trying to say is, A few months ago, the Fiancee and I attended "South Staffs Musical Theatre Companies" 75th Anniversary ball. Which may I add was a very lovely evening fueled by wine and the macarena. Anyway, there at the ball was a photographer snapping away as you do. I just presumed it was for the "Express and Star" or for the companies portfolio but .. Oh no ... He was snapping away fro none other than thee "Wolverhampton Magazine" So, low and behold the week after the ball there we appeared. Printed in colour with our own little number and name labelling.

A very bad photograph of it I must add but all the same, there we are. Hopefully I will be getting a better quality one up for you to all oggle at soon!

To find out more about the "Wolverhampton Magazine" please follow the link below


  1. I'm glad you said the bit about if you can say the city has a posh end and not me. Having said this, I was in Wolves last night and where else can you have beer at £1.50 a pint up to 10 and gloriously daft jokey conversation with barmaid and various other people propping up the bar (all complete strangers).

  2. You were in Wolves? Wicked!
    Where did you go White Rabbit? There is a pretty cool Open Mic night on in town on a Wednesday at Alchemy Bar which is definitley worth a visit. However, It dosen't really get going untill about 11ish.


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