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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Robert Lane

Mr Robert Lane
Robert Lane is a good friend of mine and a very good musician. You may have heard his music already or been lucky enough to attend one or two of his gigs, because let's face it, the guy is quite a busy bee when it comes to gigging. Down in London one weekend and busking in Edinburgh the next. He is a very talented guy, with super song writing skills, I'm sure you will agree. Well you will shortly once you have checked him out online. 

Want to know a bit more about Robert? Please visit his blog/website at:
If you like what you hear, then why not follow his blog, or twitter to find out where you can catch his tunes next ... 
I am sure Rob would like to know what you all think. So please, open this blog post up to discussion and any feedback will get sent to Robert. 


  1. Jessica this is a wicked entry!
    Your blog is just generally fab and so is your Frank Spencer impression!

    Im sure Rob is chuffed and thinks you are very sweet for posting this link. X

  2. Maria, thank you!

    I'm glad you like the blog. (Get following and subscribing bud ;-) Wink wink)

    Also, frank Spencer needs a blog post of it's own along with your Ross Kemp. Let's face it!

    I could do a blog post on you, you know, being Greek an all! ;-)


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