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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Shrove Tuesday

Also Known As Pancake Day ...

First things first on this glorious day. Who does not like Pancakes? I know there are a few of you out there. How there is I am unsure but I know there is. If you are not a fan of these beauties you may need to look away now. 

So it's the day before Lent begins (Ash Wednesday) and we have all gone flipping mad. It's the day to use up everything in our cupboards isn't it? Well - Our main foods (Supposedly) like Milk, sugar, eggs etc: All of these things were once restricted when Lent began you know. It was part of the fasting. You couldn't just pick on item like Chocolate to give up. You had to give up an awful lot.

Did you know that in some Catholic or Protestant Countries today is known as Mardi Gras or (and this one I prefer) - Fat Tuesday. Basically, it is a day of rich foods. So, don't just stop at pancakes man, keep it going and have the whole hog, literally.

I have been busy reading about Pancake day and the traditions that come with it and I think I'm going to host my first ever Pancake race. It's true. It's a tradition somewhere. You have to toss them whilst you run with them. Tricky business if you ask me.

Right, my final question to you is this...

What is your favourite Pancake filling? (I'm looking forward to trying some new flavours tonight so do tell all folks)


  1. Sugar and lemon juice does the trick nicely - but don't drop them!

    Great to see you blogging again and (belated) congratulations on wedding and best wishes for married life - he's one lucky guy!

  2. Sugar and lemon juice does indeed do the trick! However, there ks nothing like ice cream on your pancakes especially vanilla. Yummy.
    Thank you for the kknd words on both my blog and my wedding. Its most kind. :-)


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