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Monday, 1 February 2010

1st Of The Month This Means . . .

(I am aware that this post is not one of performance but I really thought you should know ...)

20 days, and I stress 20 days to go before my leap for breast cancer. The dive is growing ever closer! Am I nervouse yet? Noo, seriously I'm not. I'm excited and up for it. But that scares me. I should be nervous. Surely the thought of launching myself out of a un-stable plane 10,000 ft up should be enough to evoke some nerves in me. But I'm afriad not. No siree, I'm looking forward to it! :-)
Also I am super pleased with how my raising is coming along! So far I have managed to raise the grand total of:
£427.00 and . . . Still raising! So get those sponsors coming in guys! :-)

On the subject of sponsors. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has sponsored me. I am very graetful but for all those that haven't yet ... Cammon! Get em in!

If you wish to dive for Breakthrough Breast Cancer too, or just donate a one off or monthly donation please visit:


  1. So I saw that you posted a comment on, I believe it was 'Blogger Buster', so I decided to follow your blog.

    I would be a little nervous to jump out of a plane also, but probably not until I was up in the plane. The excitement that you're feeling is probably normal. Good for you! What you're doing to help raise money for breast cancer is exciting and brave!

  2. Hey!
    Yes indeed it was "Blog Buster!" You see these blogs arent easy things! But once you got it going, you got it going good! :-)
    Thank you for following my blog. I really appreciate it! Hope it keeps you updated and you find my blog fun!
    I tried to comment your blog earlier as regards to the recycle bag but my computer was being slightly loopey and wouldn't let me sooo...
    Nice recycle bag. Really cool. Could do with it myself!

    Thank you once again for checking my blog out! keep coming back buddy!


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