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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

So Shot 3 For shoot . . .

Yep another few hours at the studio last night. It was a little chilly in there too. So we got shot 3 done and dusted. This just leaves 2 more shots and they will be completed this weekend, in outdoor locations. Exciting! :-)
Yesterday, we finalised one shot. The one simular to that of Cheryl Cole (which may I add is a really nice shot, that I'm really happy with) and the other was a full body fashion shot featuring an umberella. Don't ask! It was great fun last, had a right laugh. I'm really enjoying this modelling experience. It is something that I would defenatly do more of. I mean I would never dream of being a catwalk model but fashion shoots have proved to be very fun and rewarding. Thumb up to JB Photography and their shoots.
As I mentioned earlier, we are on location this weekend for the final two shoots. That should be fun as the others have been studio based so it will be a bit different.
I don't actually have any copies of yesterdays photographs to show you as of yet I'm afraid. But ... I will have some soon I'm sure. Plus it wont be long before all the final outcomes will be able to be posted :-) That will be a great blog entry when it comes around I'm sure. So I thought I would leave you with a photo JB took a few shoots back in digital just so you can get a slight taster.

And I just Need To Share . . .

Also I watched Slumdog Millionaire the other day, AGAIN! And seriously . . . I need to share my love for the film with you. I just think it is incredible. My goodness that film is a true work of art. It is just filled with love and truth. It is the most colourful, beautiful and downright spectacular film that I have ever watched. This time last year I myself was in India persuing a 4 month Travelling trip across South East Asia, and I can really relate to this film. It gave me the travel bug bad. After being reminded of the colours, the visual beauty and the wonder of the country I am longing to go back there. Maybe on one day hey!

Slumdog Millionaire you get a 5 star from me and a whopping big thumbs up to!
***** - Click for official slum Dog Millionaire website!

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