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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A Doodling Day

Another day . . . Another doodle, or so they say. Do they even say that? Ah well, or so I say! So I did exactly that today, I did a little doodle. At first I was only messing around with a biro and a sketch pad but then my picture really started to take shape. This pleased me and persued me. So I continued marking away on my picture for the rest of the day. (OK so perhaps it is a bit more than a doodle)
I was drawing Ewan McGreggor in his role for Trainspotting and Amy Winehouse from a while back. No they are'nt brilliant by any stretch of the imagination but you know ... They are something.
So my end result really wasn't something that I was that pleased with but the stages before hand were a good learning curve for me in the world of sketch!
Below is my Drawing stage for this particular sketch:

Trainspotting Un-Finished

Amy Winehouse

If you, by any chance want anything drawn for you (portraitwise) let me know and I will be happy to give it a go! :-)


  1. you are a real artist. ;-)

    keep in touch


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