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Monday, 8 March 2010

Blonde Is The New I!

It is true. I have been changed. My hair colour has undergone a new tone. You guess it! I'm a blonde now my friends, a blonde. But do not worry I still no my roots ;-) Traitors to the fellow red heads I am not. I was just in need of a little change!
And change I did. On friday I went to the Hairdressers and requested they bleach my barnett. It was a long slow process with a slight tingle on the scalp but the results are ones that I like very much, so it all seems worth it! :-)
What do you think?

The night of my new cut was the night I saw...

Pappy's are a comedy company from the West Midlands currently on tour. I went to see them on Saturday and very much enjoyed their show and performance. It was a feel good, great fun kind of night. They had the audience belly laughing and joining in. Plus they weren't afraid to laugh at themselves and they didn't seem to mind laughing at a few of the onlookers either. They made my night an enjoyable night. Plus the chips I had after were also very good and contributing to my night of goodness.
I just want to say a big weldone to Pappy's. You put on a good show guys!

Oh and my dad was chufffed When I made this Bad Boy for him!

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