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Friday, 5 March 2010

Coming To A Theatre Near You ...
If you live near the Theatre that is.

25th March - 27th March. Arena Theatre.

Forties to the Naughties, is a concert that I am doing with SSMTC very soon. Just had the costume list and it would appear, that i have got to get myself up town and get my hands on a few things. Yay! Shopping!
This concert is filled with numbers from musicals from the forties to the (You guessed it) Naughties. 2000's in other words.
So if you fancy coming along to support us and be in the audience. Let me know folks and I shall see what I can do.
Un-fortunatley, you will not be hearing me giving a solo performance as I did not audition this time round. I'm not sure that's a bad thing to be fair. :-) But all the same come along and see us sing our hearts out and strut our stuff round the stage!
Although this concert is only small, get read for Boogie Nights at the Grand Theatre next year! Wooo!

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