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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Just Refreshing Myself

I was studying my book case last night and wondering what to read, when I stumbled acorss the answer. I thought it was only sense and reason to pull out a certain book that needed to be refreshed in my mind. That was non other than the legend himself "Mr Stanislavski's" book entitled "An Actor Prepares." It wont hurt me to read through this book again and move on to the final two. I think it only appropriate to im-bed them in my brains to be honest. So this is what I am undergoing at the moment. I am under going the Stanislavski theory and trying to get my head around it the best I can. But the 2nd time you read something you gain a much better understanding of its meaning and importance.
Great books by the way.

Also tonight I am off celebrating, once again. But I'm not just celebrating the gaining of an agent I am also celebrating my Engagement Anniversary to my lovely fiancee Mr V. I cannot wait to be honest. I have been looking forward to our celebrations all day. I just know it is going to be a lovely night. I love going out for food with him and just staring into his eyes across the table. He has really lovely eyes you know, big blue ones. :-) Love a love a you!



  1. As an actor myself, I've read Stanislavski more times than I can count. I got a lot from it every time, but you can only get so much from a book. Most of my education came from just getting up and doing it. You can also soak up a lot by watching others who really know what they're doing. Not only is Sam Rockwell one of my favorites but he's talked about exactly that: Sam on acting

  2. Bortsimpson: Hi there. Thank you for visiting my blog. Nice to meet you. I agree that you can only learn so much from a book and that being practical and hands on is the best way of educating yourself. That's how I have gone about it too to be honest. Thank you for your link to Sam on Acting. I will check it out straight away. Please come back and visit sometime. Oh and if you would like to write a post, add something to my blog, have an interview or be quoted here on my blog. That's fine. Infact it would be great. Thank you onmce again.

    Daniel: Thank you on the Conmgrats mate! :-) Stll cannot believe it's been a year though. Woah!

  3. Bortsimpson: Oh man! My works computer won't let me follow the link. Damn these silly security measures. As soon as i return home. I will get linked and get readin up on "Sam on Acting!" :-)


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