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Thursday, 1 April 2010

My Dog

Me and Blue boy, our Weimarana

Bizarre topic to be speaking about, I know. But seriously my dog is great. I have decided to dedicate this post to him as I have spent the majority of the morning calming him down at the vets. As he appears to have a bit of a tendancy for eating things, you could imagine our worry when he fell ill last week. Our first thought "Oh my word he has eaten a corn on the cob again!" You see, to help you understand that last sentance. 6 months ago he had to have an operation to remove a corn on the cob from his bowell.It's true I'm not lying. It would appear that behind our back our dog tucked in to a KFC variety box and failed to digest or even chew the corn side order. It was a real worry as goodness knows how long it had been jammed in there and what it was doing to him. But one day he became so ill that an emergency op had to be performed and to our suprse "SWEET BLOOMIN CORN!" Shock shock. But now he is all better apart from a minor bowell infection. That's the cause of the vet trip this morning. Much to my relief. So swallow something un-swallowable he did not. Joy! Some antibiotics will do the trick.

Isn't it strange how quickly you form a bond with your pet. No matter what animal it is. If it is in your owner ship and your care then you just fall in love with it. I could not imagine my life without Blue now. Home would not be home without him living in it.
- When I go home after work I love to hear him bounding down the strais, skidding on the laminate floor and smashing into the front door. All that just so he can see me.
- I love how during the night he snuggles up in between us and does anything just to be near us. Even knowing that our ankles are by him, makes him happy.
- He sits and he waits for his food like a true gentlman. You can see him dribbling as he sits there and wait for the command. "It's yours" Goodness, the second he heres those words he bounds face first into his food bowl.
He is just a gentle giant is our Blue Boy and whether it sounds funny or not "I love him!"

Oh and yes Blue does wear a hoodie when he is cold. Keeps him warm (And trendy) of course :-)


  1. as well y'all should, sugar! we miss our rottie, abigail, every damn day, so enjoy your blue and cherish everyday he's with all y'all1 thanks for stopping by, too! xoxoxox

    (re the last card - the joke is i'm 60!) ;~D

  2. Savannah: Thank you for stopping by. We have a Rottie living a few doors up from us. She's lovely. Nice dogs. I'm sorry to hear you lost yours but at least you have all the wonderful memories!
    Your last ecard really cracked me up! :-D

  3. When I read you and Savannah talking about dogs I just had to stop by.

    Blue is a beautiful dog and I can see why you love him. We have a little nut job, a Pomerainian, who was rescued on his kill day from one of the dog pounds--dead dog walking, as it were.

    He had been abused and abandoned, and so traumatized that he lived under our bed for two weeks. But he gradually came around and now sleeps on top with us. Like a ton of bricks, he is.

    And yes, he's family. My wife has a magnet on the fridge: "Husband and dog missing. $100 reward for dog."

  4. Charlie: Oh my goodness it sounds as though your pups been through some bad times but I'm gald to hear that he has come out fighting. Great that he managed to find himself some super owners like yourselves. :-)
    Thank you for dropping by. Do pop in again some time.
    Say hey to you Pomeranian!

  5. Oh man! You hit a chord here! I am one of those nutjobs who doesn't have children so The Dog starts becoming one. She's also an avid eater of just about anything. You would think their instincts would keep them from what could harm them. Anyway, yours is gorgeous. xx, ellie


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