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Friday, 2 April 2010

Anybody Fancy Purchasing A Pair For Me?

Any body up for it? Now listen. They really aren't too expensive. Oh no I'm just joking but seriosuly I just had to mention these bad boys in my post today. Check them out! How cool are they? Now I know they arent going to be to everyones liking. That's cool but you cannot deny the amazingness of them can you? Seriosuly? Well Now I have shared my love for these polka dot pants I must ask ones opinion.
Shall I purchase these lovlies or not? Let me know guys. I'm stuck

I love them toooooooo!
Pointless post? Meh!


  1. Ermmmm....

    Why am I thinking dalmatians?

    Maybe we have a whip round...


  2. I like the belt, but you'd have a to wear quite a muted top to rock them.

  3. Quirky pair Jessica! I like it. I'd wear something like this if my legs are slim enough. :P

  4. White Rabbit: Sorry it is such a late reply. But I cannot think why you are thinking of Dalmations. What possibly bought that though in to your head . . . I wonder! Hmm haha! And whip round!? haha yeh man lets do it! Although I dont think people will give to the charity "Buy me a cool pair of trousers!" :-( They may see it as a tad Un-necessary. Ah well. Maybe if I smile at my parent sin such a way . . . . Or maybe not. Just save my wages it is then!

    Daniel: A muted top you would have to wear indeed. I'm thinking a white top with a huge navy necklace. hmmm! :-)

    Alywyn: Slim legs!? Slim legs!? Your only tiny missy. Iv'e seen the photos on the Benetton website! :-)


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