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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I Am Now On Spotlight!

You will fine me on spotlight now folks. Very fancy I know. Pretty chuffed with it to be fair. Although my photograph has been cropped. Hmmm. So guys, here is the link to my spotlight page:
Check it out and tell em what you think!

Click to view my Spotlight CV
Bit of a boring post really isn't it? You know,  if I just talk about me appearing on spotlight 2010. Lets make this a little more interesting hey!? Right, sitting infront of me in this office (I am voering for a colleague you see) is a big box of "Dairy Milk" it is literally right in front of me and No! I have not touched one, as they are not mine. But it raises the question . . . Is Dairl Milk that great of a chocolate? Or do i prefer Galaxy? Or maybe I'm a Green And Blacks Girl? Bournville? Now that's tastey! I defeantly prefer dark chocolate to milk or white chocolate. I also find the chocoalte made by "Green And Blacks" to be utterly divine. Especially, the dark chocolate with ginger in. I mean come on. Who dosen't like that.
So Tell me.... What'sthe greater chocolate?

1- Daily Milk ?

2 - Galaxy ?

3- Green and Blacks ?

4- Bournville ?
For me ... It's defenatly between the "Grenn And Blacks" collection or the "Bournville" Hands down. Yummy. All this talk of chocolates is making this box infront of me all the more tempting.


  1. Good to see you on Spotlight, utterly essential.

    Fave choc is Lindt.

  2. Oh man! I totally missed of Lindt! Damn it! Sorry mate!
    Indeed Spotlight is essential!
    Have you done anymore with your BBC Comedy thingy? It's great news you know. Wounder that you saw mr BNP himself but great news regarding the show!


  4. The milkier the better!!!!!! Only the crumbliest flakiest chocolate........

  5. Yummy! Yes I am a flake lover too. Joy, does this mean that you have won the bar of chocolate! ;-)


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