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Monday, 26 April 2010

Running The Wombourne Half Marathon 2010!

Today i have put myself forward and I am now officially running the "Wombourne Half Marathon 2010" Superdee duper. The reason i am running this particular half marathon is because I have put myself up for the "LOndon MArathon 2011" Yes, you heard correctly I am going to brave the shin slints, the knee buckle, the rolled ankles and hitting that world famous wall in aid of charity and a maseph 26 miles. But, not walking, no RUNNING! Yes siree. Runing! The wombourne marathon is not run for a chirty it is mereley to help me along with my training. Fingers crossed for the 4th May 2010. This is when the ballot is open for the "London MArathon" Hopefully  will ghet thrugh and be able to run the race! :-)


  1. Jesus.

    Good luck with that, train hard and you have my admiration that's for sure.

  2. Thank you!
    Just hoping i ghet into the race now! :-)


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