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Monday, 17 May 2010

A Few Things To Report

Monday 16th May - My mothers birthday. Oh Yes. Happy Birthday Mommzy!
"Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to Mooooom.
Happy Birthday to you."
We had a nice day yesterday picnicing, eating, drinking and playing childish games like SWINGBALL. Oh yes, the good old school swingball came out. It's a picnic must.

Yes I am slightly nervous. I know its only an amateur dramatic thing but let's be honest without them half of the big actors and actresses out there would not be where they are today. It's all well and good saying "I am a professional actress blah blah. But you really shouldn't forget the people that got you there. So what if you are professional and in loads of films. It doesn't hurt you to give something back does it? I don' think so and as long as I am in the West Midlands I will support Am-dram all the way.

Also I have just started selling a new item on Ebay. This being a 12 inch Rocky Horror LP. Something quite special to be honest folks. I really regret having to sell it but there really is not enough space in the house to be keeping things that I am not using. So, I am more than happy to find it a new home.
Please follow the link to the auction page. Here you will find a much better description, price and so on.

This is the Item. It is slightly used but still in super condition. Click the link above to find out more, if interested.

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