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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Strawberry Girl Productions Will Be Doing "Shine" Again!

2 years ago, my friend Lyndsay Flavell set up a company called "Strawberry Girl Productions." Unfortunately Lyndsay had contracted Breast Cancer not too long before she set this company up and not long after the show, on January 19 2009 we lost Lyndsay to this terrible disease. She was a wonderful lady, a real talent and is sadly missed.
The reason this company was set up, was to raise money for Breakthrough, Breast Cancer Care and for hospitals. We raised this money by putting on a concert called "Shine" at Wolverhampton Civic, completely in aid of Breast Cancer. It was a terrific show and it raised thousands.
I am very pleased to announce that we will be repeating this show very soon. Re-hearsals will soon be underway to get this show up and performing again. I cannot wait.
I hope we do Lyndsay proud. Only she directed and choreographed the last show and I imagine she knows just how she wants the show to look.

The shine cast. Lyndsay is in the middle :-)

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