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Monday, 14 June 2010

Open Mic Night Again Last week

I completely forgot to mention about last week. Last Wednesday that is. Chantelle Patsy Knox, Kerrie Piddleton and I attended the Open Mic night once again in The Alchemy Bar. 
I think it is wonderful seriously.  I didn't get up and have a jam this week. Had a slightly bost knee (as you have heard) and to be honest I was just enjoying listening and sipping my Amaretto and Coke. Oooh Yeh! That has become one's favourite tipple. 
Chantelle got up though and soothed our ears with the sweet sounds of "Sweet Child Of Mine." She did well, sounded lovely in fact and everyone gave her a big round of applause ;-) 
If your local to Wolverhampton you really should get yourself down there. Completely worth it!

Here is a little snippet of just what the night has in store for you.

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