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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Acoustic ASH

Acoustic Ash

While we are on the subject of musician friends. You should really get a load of this also wonderful and talented singer, songwriter.

Acoustic Ash is also a good friend of mine, one of whom is armed with a guitar (An acoustic one). You may or may not have heard her play as she is playing here, there and everywhere.

If you are into the sounds of Tracy Chapman, rumour etc: You should really check out Acoustic Ash's sounds. Follow the link below for website. She has also recently entered " Live and un-signed" competition, so has some wicked videos on Youtube that are definitely worth having a look at.

Ash's Webpage:-

Ash's video:


  1. Awww Jess thats some wicked awesome comments mate, thanks :o)
    I feel privilaged to be able to work with you and call you a friend.
    Fankooooo x

  2. No problemo Ash!

    Looking forward to hearing you do a bit of jamming at some point in the yee old green room!


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