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Friday, 3 August 2012

Blog help ...


Folks! I have probably been quite an annoyance to those of you that follow my blog (Followed rather) as you can't really follow something that hasn't been followable for a while. Completely my fault as I have been quite a lazy blogger and for that I apologise. As I always do.

I have been 'umming' and 'ahhing' as to whether to keep my blog going or not? I am aware that I ask this question quite a bit and get a few answers. My reason for asking is - Do you find my blog enjoyable to read and would you wish to continue to do so on a daily basis? I really enjoy writitng my blog and find it a great way of looking back over all of the things that I have done and am proud of. I find it wonderful that I am able to share all my experiences with you guys and hear what you all have to say! 

I want to continue with my blog and become devoted and committed to it once again. But, I feel the need for a change and I would really appreciate your help in this change, if at all possible? When I say change - I do quite literally mean a change. I want to change the design of my blog and freshen it up etc:

When I posed a similar question to this to my followers a while back I did receive an email stating that I should perhaps focus my blog a bit more to one specific thing rather than my day to day things and as much as I respect that opinion and am very appreciative to the persons opinion - I don't feel that is necessary. I enjoy writing my day to day speel and I like the fact that my blog is somewhat random if you like. I know it isn't to everyone's tastes and perhaps I should listen to the advice of one reader but I am willing to decline that advice (gracefully of course.) and continue to write my life in words. However, that doesn't mean that I am not willing to write more or less on a specific topic etc etc:

Am I making sense? I fear I'm not - I regularly don't! :-)

So ladies and gents all I ask of you is - Blog ideas please? and any other opinions or comments on my blog would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I'm also a pretty lazy blogger, currently working on my first post since the end of April and like you I tend to write about the humdrum day-to-day stuff as my professional work is not steady enough to warrant weekly updates on just that.

    As I've said, I've not posted for 3 months and I'm hoping to get back into weekly updates. May I suggest that you find a blogger who writes in a similar style to yourself to follow? This may give you the impetus to blog every time you see them post a new article.

  2. Jimm - Thank you for your comment and super idea. I am on the hunt at the moment for good blogs to read! :-) Hope you're well matey!

  3. Hi Jessica,

    You might like to take a look at my blog. I write 10 a week! I have a guest blogger too and hope to recruit a couple more this week. You might think about better use of photography and maybe a self hosted Wordpress blog? I used to use blogger but Wordpress is so much better and self hosted means you own it and you have a lot more freedom.

    I'm going to get a horrible captcha now aren't I?

  4. Hey. Mike,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my blog. I really appreciate your comments and I will hopefully do my best to take them on board.
    Your blog is really lovely. I like the simplicity if your design and layout. It looks very neatand tidy.
    I did move to Wordpress once but I found it a little too difficult. Perhaps that was just me being rather foolish and not taking note nor trying properly. I will take a look again this week and make a move decision then.

    No, no no horrible captcha ;-) Thanks for your time.


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